Artful Eye Photography | Adrienne and Patrick get married!

Adrienne and Patrick get married!

September 21, 2015  •  1 Comment

Besides the fact that the bride from this beautiful wedding had the best entrance I have ever seen (she flew in; see photos below), and besides the fact that both the bride and groom are so very nice and have some of the nicest families, and besides the fact that Adrienne and Patrick are not only clients but friends, this wedding was one of our very favorites! From the location the the laid back feel, Lindsey and I really had a wonderful time photographing this fun event. Patrick and Adrienne, your love shows in your images and they are AMAZING! Hard for me to choose just a few for a sneak peek, so I might of went a little overboard. Thanks again you two!!



Adrienne Miller(non-registered)
That is so sweet of you guys! It was a beautiful day and your pictures captured every minute of it! We are so grateful and lucky to have great friends with a special eye for these moments! Thank you is not enough for making our wedding day last in these amazing photos!
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